The Lake of Dreams: on writing and traveling

I’m home for a few sweet days before I go to London for the UK book tour.  It’s cold here but very sunny, and from my window I can see my footprints from where I carried the compost out last night.  Yesterday I was out and about at around 6:30 in the evening and realized it wasn’t quite dark, that we’re headed to the vernal equinox in a month or so, to spring. 

The Lake of Dreams is a Best Seller in Canada

This morning I’m in Toronto to talk with people about The Lake of Dreams. It’s snowing here, and the city is beautiful in the snow, tree branches lined with soft white. I forgot to bring my boots, a mistake that tells me I’ve been in a southern climate for a long time. I grew up with snow, with drifts as high as the house after some blizzards, and though I’m glad I don’t have to shovel it much anymore, I miss the beauty and drama of a winter landscape.

The Lake of Dreams hits # 1 in Australia

I just got word of this–The Lake of Dreams is on the top of the Australian best seller list.  Such good news!  It came with several beautiful articles and reviews of the novel that have been published in the Australian press.  I’ll be adding these to the site in days to come.

The Lake of Dreams is Heather’s Pick at Indigo Books

I’m home in Lexington for just over a week before I head north to Toronto.  I just got word that The Lake of Dreams has been selected as a “Heather’s Pick” by Indigo Books.  This is wonderful news!   Heather Reisman is the CEO of Indigo and “Chief Booklover,” I’m told.  I’m thrilled and flattered that she has selected The Lake of Dreams.

The Lake of Dreams in Seattle

Tonight I’m in Seattle, overlooking the Puget Sound as the sun sets. It’s stunningly beautiful, the mountains cast in relief against a vermillion and dark peach sky, and it changes every second. Now the water is reflecting the colors, too. In a few minutes I’ll go off to read from The Lake of Dreams at The Elliott Bay Book Company, something I’ve been looking forward to doing since I’ve never been there before. I’ve heard about this store for years, though.

The Lake of Dreams is an Indie Next pick

Tonight I had the pleasure of reading at Books & Books in Coral Gables, Florida. I wasn’t sure what to expect on a Friday evening, but it was a happening place, with live music outside, two back to back author events, the cafe so full there wasn’t a seat, and a great audience at the reading. We passed two street parties on the way there. It’s warm enough to walk out at night in just a sweater. I always love reading at Books & Books, which has a great ambience, books to the ceiling, and a staff passionate about their work. That was equally true at the Brookline Booksmith in Boston, where I read last night, and at R.J. Julia Booksellers in Madison, CT, both wonderful and thriving stores, each with such a distinctive character.

The Lake of Dreams in USA Today

I’ve just arrived in Miami after a full and exciting day in Boston–more on that in a future post, as I get caught up. Right now I want to make sure everyone has seen the terrific feature article on The Lake of Dreams in USA Today. It was the lead story on the cover of their Life section on January 6th. The article was written by Carol Memmott, who came to Lexington last month to interview me. It’s a beautiful article, very well written, and I hope you’ll have a chance to read it. As soon as I figure out how to post a link, I’ll do so!

Bath Literature Festival

This past week I was honored to have an invitation to the prestigious Bath Literature Festival next spring to discuss The Lake of Dreams, which has already sold in England, as well as in Germany, Italy, Brazil, and Holland. Started in 1995, the Bath Festival is described as “presenting the very best in local, national, and international writers,” and the 2011 event promises to be the best one yet.

I’m thrilled to be going. Bath is such a beautiful historic city, with its ancient ruins and marvelous architecture.  On my last trip, I also attended a Jane Austen evening at the Bishop’s Palace in nearby Wells Cathedral, which is described on its website as “a prayer in stone and glass.”

Welcome to The Lake of Dreams

Last week the final draft of my new novel, The Lake of Dreams, was sent to production.  This means I’ve entered that hiatus between truly finishing a book and waiting for its publication.  As always, it’s hard to let go.  This novel has been at the center of my days for several years now–I was immersed in this story well before The Memory Keeper’s Daughter was published–its characters and concerns and thematic threads resonating in my mind all the time.  There were days when I spent a dozen hours at my desk, writing.  The last few months have been given over to editing, intense and thoughtful conversations that moved gradually from larger concerns to small ones, until finally we reached last week’s discussions about word choice in a few lines.