The Lake of Dreams: in Ireland

Earlier this week I went to Dublin for the day. I’ve never been to Ireland before and I was excited to have a glimpse, however brief, of this beautiful country with such a stunningly rich literary heritage. Among contemporary authors alone, William Trevor and Seamus Heaney are two of those I most admire. The day was full of interviews and, as always on this tour, I was impressed by the depth and range of the conversations.

In the afternoon, one of the interviews had to be postponed, and this gave me a chance to take a walk through the city. It was cold, but the sun came out, and there were cool weather flowers blooming everywhere in St. Stephen’s Green and the park by St. Patrick’s Cathedral. We stopped at Trinity College, saw the River Liffey, and strolled over cobblestones through the oldest part of the city. I’ll have to go back to Ireland when I can really spend some time. And when I get home, I’ll have to reread Joyce’s Dubliners, which I studied intensively one term in college, and which was much in my mind as I walked around the city.

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