The Lake of Dreams: at The Essex Book Festival in Chipping Ongar

London is such a wonderful city for walking, endlessly interesting, and endlessly changing. Years ago, as a student here, I used to wander for hours; it wasn’t uncommon for me to spend two or three hours walking to an event or a theater production, or just walking for the pleasure of it. On this trip, too, I set off on foot more than once, happy to be in this vibrant city again. Even the names of streets are fascinating. This time I discovered Man in the Moon Lane and Windmill Street.

Last night I gave a talk at Chipping Ongar, through the library there, as part of the Essex Book Festival. As with everything this week, the event was beautifully organized and the hall was packed. We had a terrific Q and A afterwards, with thought-provoking questions. For me the evening was a special pleasure, as I had a chance to meet my English cousins for dinner before the event. Warm thanks to everyone who made the event such a success, and to all those who ventured out on such a chilly evening.

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