The Lake of Dreams: at Bath, and Calcot Manor

This evening I’m writing from the beautiful Calcot Manor, where I will speak at lunch tomorrow.  I had a terrific walk this afternoon, on a trail that followed the perimeter of this extensive property.  It had rained earlier, and dark clouds were scuttling across the blue sky, but it was also sunny, the wind turning the fields into a sea of rippling grass.  I met no one on this walk–just me, and the wind, and a flock of sheep in the last field, grazing quietly and paying no attention to my passing.

Yesterday I spent in Bath, at the Bath Literary Festival, which was also a splendid day.  First, I filmed an interview for The Book Show, which will air on Thursday on Sky Arts.  There was a very large and quite wonderful live audience for this event.  From there we wandered the intricate and charming streets of the city, past the ancient Roman Baths, until we came to the Masonic Hall, where I did another interview, this one with Christopher Cook.  The conversation was such a pleasure, and so engaging, that I forgot at times that I was in front of an audience.  Afterwards, I met many wonderful readers at the signing.  Two swift hours later, I was back in London.

There have been several favorable mentions and blogs in regard to The Lake of Dreams this week, which I’ll be posting. Warm thanks to my readers in the UK for such a warm and enthusiastic welcome. It’s a pleasure to be here.

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