The Lake of Dreams: at Bexley Heath

Years ago, as a student in London, I’d often go to the public libraries to spend an hour or two. I couldn’t check books out, but that didn’t matter. The libraries were, and are, a community gathering place, where people from all walks of life come together for the joys of experiencing and sharing the written word, and I liked being there both to read, and to catch a glimpse into the life of the country. Once, I remember stumbling across a Who’s Who of authors in the reference section and paging through it, wondering if I’d ever realize my dream of being a writer.

Earlier this week I did a reading at a terrific library in Bexley Heath. I had a chance to meet the staff before the event and was impressed by their dedication and passion for the work they do, both with and for the community. The room was full, and I enjoyed my conversation with the audience very much. It’s impossible to measure the powerful impact of libraries on individual lives and on their communities. Indeed, libraries are crucial to the unfolding mystery in The Lake of Dreams. I extend my thanks to librarians everywhere, and especially to everyone at Bexley Heath for such a memorable evening.

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