The Lake of Dreams is a Best Seller in Canada

This morning I’m in Toronto to talk with people about The Lake of Dreams. It’s snowing here, and the city is beautiful in the snow, tree branches lined with soft white. I forgot to bring my boots, a mistake that tells me I’ve been in a southern climate for a long time. I grew up with snow, with drifts as high as the house after some blizzards, and though I’m glad I don’t have to shovel it much anymore, I miss the beauty and drama of a winter landscape.

The Lake of Dreams debuted at #8 on the Canadian Best Seller list this week, fantastic news! I’m very glad to be here to talk about the book. Growing up in the Finger Lakes, we always thought of Canada as our close neighbor, and often traveled and vacationed here. Thanks to all my Canadian readers for your warm welcome, to me and to my books.

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