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Message 6 - Gibbs
Are all your books available on nooks or kindles by chance?
16 January 2012

Kim comments   Yes, you can find all my books as ebooks. Enjoy!

Message 7 - Daylee
I just finished reading "Memory Keepers Daughter" I loved it!!! My wonderful Mum lent me her Kobo eReader so I could (a) experience reading again (health issues make it hard to read a book) and (b) to read your wonderful book. My man bought me my own Sony eBook for Christmas so I immediately downloaded it so I could finish it and give Mum her e reader back!!!!
What a wonderful book, now on to The Lake of Dreams - just wish it was on eBook.can't wait to read it.
13 January 2012

Kim comments   Thanks, Daylee! The Lake of Dreams is available on many ebook venues (this is controlled by the publisher, not by me) so I'm sure you can find it. Enjoy!

Message 8 - Denise Taylor
I was told to read The Memory Keepers Daughter by a co-worker - I loved it! I liked the way it told a story of history and the present at the same time and the flow was easy to follow. Being that I read it on my Kindle it then showed me The Lake of Dreams - I thought I like your style of writing I'll give it a try. I LOVE it too!!! I look forward to seeing more of your next read will the The Secrets of the Fire King and I'm hoping for another excellent book!
9 January 2012

Kim comments   Thanks, Denise--so glad you enjoyed the novels! I loved writing them.

Message 9 - Gail Guidry Griffin
Hi Kim:
I will be introducing you at ALTAFF "Author's Tea" Your book "The Lake of Dreams" is a wonderful novel. While reading it my family history was unraveling :) Looking forward to meeting you. This book is a #1 Jewel. Good Luck!
6 January 2012

Kim comments   Thanks, Gail--I'm really looking forward to this event! See you soon!

Message 10 - Annick
Thank you so much for a wonderful book I have just finished reading it for the second time as I tend to speed read and wanted to re-read the minute I finished also because I didn't want it to end you know that feeling. Have never been to the area as am from the uk but now live in New Zealand the closest I got was Niagara. Anyway just to say Ioved the book the glass, the mother daughter relationship and the sufragette stuff thank you so much
28 October 2011

Kim comments   Thanks, Annick! I'm so glad you enjoyed The Lake of Dreams. When you were in Niagara you were only a couple of hours drive to the west of the Finger Lakes area, where the novel is set. It's an area I love. Some day I hope to visit New Zealand--I've heard it's beautiful there!

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