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Message 36 - Deborah [Cady] Friend
Loved to read about my distant wonderful ancestor, Elizabeth Cady Stannton! This book is wonderful, insight to discovering women who helped shaped our benifts today! Thank-you for catching and remembering history many know little about. I have visited Elizabeths home, church site, and felt such memories and power. This book brought me much pleasure!
15 January 2011

Kim comments   Many thanks for your message! I visited her home in Seneca Falls, and loved imagining her working on The Declaration of Sentiments in those rooms. She was an eloquent writer; I especially admire her essay The Solitude of Self--so powerful and moving.

Message 37 - Nazarena
I loved the Memory Keeperīs Daugther. Itīs really good. I want to read your new book now! But I want it in spanish (my language). When it will be available? Congratulations for your work!
12 January 2011

Kim comments   Thanks, Nazarena! The Lake of Dreams will be published in Spanish, but I don't know the date yet. As soon as I do, I'll post it here.

Message 38 - Sherri and David Avery
We are so looking forward to reading your new book!
8 January 2011

Message 39 - Nancy
If your new book is half as good as The Memory Keeper's Daughter, I'm in for a real treat. Keep up the great writing!
5 October 2010

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