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Message 31 - R Mirus
Just finished "The Lake of Dreams." What a wonderful story! I had not read your first book, so the first thing I did after finishing "Lake" was to go and purchase it, and I'm looking forward to your next. I live just up the road from you in Morehead, so I'm hoping you will have a local event scheduled soon. Thanks for sharing your wonderful talent.
29 January 2011

Kim comments   Thank you! I'm reading at the Morris Book Shop in Lexington on March 18th, and may be doing an event closer to you next fall. I'll post it on my event calendar as details solidify--stayed tuned!

Message 32 - Jackie P.
I just finished reading your book, The Lake of Dreams. It was an absolutely awesome story. I grew up and still live in the Fingerlakes area. I found myself thinking about where in the Fingerlakes area different scenes might be taking place. I do work at Doug's, so seeing the mention of it in the book really touched home for me. I loved the entire book. I couldn't put it down.
29 January 2011

Kim comments   Thanks! So glad you loved the story. Doug's is a favorite of mine, too!

Message 33 - Trinity Graham
Just read The Lake of Dreams as our fiction bookclub book for the month.loved it, loved it!! Esp as Lucy was a hydrologist - I am a civil engineer who works in the water area - great to see a someone who has a technical leaning in a novel - that analytical mind working overtime. Congrats on a fabulous twisting story line.
24 January 2011

Kim comments   Thanks for writing--I'm so glad you enjoyed The Lake of Dreams. I read a lot about hydrology during the years I wrote this novel. I loved it as a metaphor, but the science was very interesting, too.

Message 34 - jackie graf
Just started "The Lake of Dreams" and I think it takes place on Seneca Lake. I grew up in Penn Yan on Keuke Lake. Love the book so far.
23 January 2011

Kim comments   Thanks for your note! Actually, I drew on my experiences on all of the Finger Lakes to write this novel, but The Lake of Dreams itself is a fictiional place. I was too constrained by reality otherwise. Keuka Lake is beautiful!

Message 35 - Carolyn Pollina
Ms. Edwards-Bravo on a wonderful novel. The Lake of Dreams was beautiful.I didn't want the story to end. I am fascinated by genealogy and weaving it, the rights of women and the choices that we make was quite inspiring.
16 January 2011

Kim comments   Thanks for your note--so glad you enjoyed The Lake of Dreams!

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