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Message 26 - Bette
On Wednesday morning I was on my way to an appointment. I was listening to an interview with you about Lake of Dreams on NPR. Unfortunately, I had to keep my appointment and missed some of the interview. Ever since, I have been trying to find it on NPR so I could, hopefully, download it as a podcast and share it with my book club. Lake of Dreams is our book this month, (Already read Memory Keeper's Daughter) and we are loving it. Can you help me locate the interview? I was quite fascinated and hated to leave. Thanks Kim.
19 February 2011

Kim comments   Bette, I'll try to find out this week, and will post it when I do. I did several NPR interviews, so if you could send an email with your general area of the country, that will help. Thanks for writing!

Message 27 - Phyllis
My fellow librarian and I were talking this morning about books we've loved (there was a wonderful article in the weekend edition of Wall Street journal this weekend about authors whose "lives were dominated by books"). This started a conversation about the books that stay imprinted in our minds. I said I loved the one about the woman who had twins and her husband gives a "defective" one to a nurse to dispose of, who instead raises her secretly. My colleague said she loved it too, but neither of us could remember the title or the author. I googled my description and your website was the third "hit". Of course we got very excited all over again. The memory Keeper's Daughter was so compelling, we must read Lake of Dreams and Secrets of a Fire King!
14 February 2011

Kim comments   Thanks for writing--I'm so glad you found the website. Like The Memory Keeper's Daughter, The Lake of Dreams has a secret in the center; however, at the beginning no one knows there is a secret in The Lake of Dreams, and so the reader gets to discover it along with my protagonist, Lucy Jarrett. Some of the discoveries happen in libraries (which are among my favorite places!)

Message 28 - Eve
Both of your books are completely absorbing- in story, real characters & details. I read a LOT, but you are now my favorite author.Hard to wait for your next book!
12 February 2011

Kim comments   Thank you--so glad you enjoyed the novels! I have a collection of stories, too, The Secrets of a Fire King. I have an idea for the next novel, but it will be awhile before I finish it!

Message 29 - Melanie Smeltz
I just finished reading The Memory Keeper's daughter today, and I absolutely loved it! I just can not wait to get The Lake of Dreams, as Penn Yan and Keuka Lake is home to my parents(except during the winter!) Hurry Spring!
31 January 2011

Kim comments   Thanks! Look for a future blog on the finger lakes--and I agree, hurry, spring!

Message 30 - Debbi Muenz
A friend mentioned your book so I ordered it on my Kindle and couldn't put The Lake of Dreams down. Loved it enough that I ordered The Memory Keeper's Daughter and am halfway through. I too grew up in the Finger Lakes in Cayuga and we did much of our shopping in Seneca Falls so reading of places from my childhood brought back wonderful memories. You made the area come alive, thank you!
29 January 2011

Kim comments   Thanks for your note! It was a real pleasure to reconnect with the finger lakes, an area I love. Look for a future blog post about it!

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