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Message 21 - Nancy Hoskins
I hardly remember a long, long flight to Australia because I was immersed in the Memory Keeper. Lake of Dreams transported me back to my childhood home, the brick house across from Krebs in Skaneateles. As a weaver, author and artist the textile in the story reminded me of how antique and ancient Egyptian textiles have influenced my life and taken me around the world.
29 April 2011

Kim comments   I know just the house you mean! I may have a chance to visit Australia next year on a book tour, and hope our paths might cross--so glad you enjoyed The Lake of Dreams!

Message 22 - Kerstin Haemke, Bad Honnef (Germany)
I have been a member of a book club in Germany for 10 years and we have just read and discussed your book ‚The Memory Keeper’s Daughter’. We had a very lively discussion and enjoyed it very much. Especially helpful for the discussion were the additional material at the end of the book something we find not yet very often in German books. While book clubs are very much underestimated in Germany (although I am sure we have tens of thousands of privately organized groups… in my small city of 20,000 I know of 13 groups, two of which read and discuss in English!) I understand that they are a huge success in the US. I would like to know what you think of book clubs and how important they are for you as an author. Whenever you are in Europe or the UK again, maybe you will make a detour to Germany? German readers (and book clubs) will certainly provide you a very warm welcome!
14 April 2011

Kim comments   Thanks for your note--in fact, may visit Germany for a book tour. I will post more information on the website as I have it. Book clubs are wonderful, and I've visited many of them in the US. It's always a real pleasure to meet readers and hear their insights about the books.

Message 23 - Patty Wells
I just finished "The Lake of Dreams" and I am still fascinated with your lovely descriptions and narrative about the stained glass windows. Do such "stained glass windows depicting scenes of the women from the Bible actually exist in a chapel in the region by such a talented artist?
I loved discovering the puzzle pieces along with Lucy.
15 March 2011

Kim comments   Patty, thanks for your note. I wish this chapel existed--wouldn't it be wonderful?--but it's purely imagined. I loved writing those scenes, and they had such a deep sense of reality that it was sometimes hard for me to leave them when I finished writing for the day. Frank Westrum, the artist, was imagined, too. There is a place called Willard Chapel in Auburn, NY, which used to be affliated with a Seminary and which has all Tiffany windows, though the focus is not on women. It's supposed to be beautiful, and I really look forward to reading there on August 6th of this year. So glad you enjoyed The Lake of Dreams!

Message 24 - Bill Lynch
My wife Jayne is now reading The Lake of Dreams - we live on Lamoka Lake, which is between Seneca and Keuka - can't wait for her to finish it,so I can read it. Do you get back to the area?? Can I ask or can you tell me which town you grew up in - I worked for Corning for 35 years. Keep it going!!
8 March 2011

Kim comments   Greetings, and thanks for your note. I grew up in Skaneateles, but I've spent time on most of the Finger Lakes and love the area. The Lake of Dreams is a fictional place, of course, but I drew extensively on my experiences on the lakes to create it. I'll be giving a reading from The Lake of Dreams at Cayuga Community College on April 27th, and another reading at Willard Chapel in the summer, probably on August 6th. Hope to see you there!

Message 25 - Sandra Dear
Hope you had a pleasant flight home and are having a well earned rest with your family.
It was such a pleasure to have you with us in Chipping Ongar for the Essex Book Festival. Thank-you so much for a very informative and entertaining evening. The Book Talk Group is looking forward to reading Lake of Dreams with a little more insight thanks to your readings and Q & A session. I personally really enjoyed the book, there were so many strands to it that couldn't put it down. Thank-you for visiting us and for being such a charming guest.
5 March 2011

Kim comments   Many thanks, Sandra. The evening at your library in Chipping Ongar was a true pleasure for me--a wonderful audience, with such thoughtful questions. I'm so glad you enjoyed The Lake of Dreams!

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