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Message 16 - Sandra Conley
As a family historian, I'm always delighted to discover a book about a person seeking to solve a genealogical mystery! As I read Lucy's story, I pulled out pen and paper and started a pedigree chart on one side with notes about Rose on the other. What a wonderful book! I could hardly put it down. It's on my list of genealogy-related books to read again and again with the pedigree chart by my side! Thank you. (I also live in the Finger Lakes so it was doubly interesting.)
4 June 2011

Kim comments   While writing The Lake of Dreams I had to make a family tree to keep the generations straight (btw, there's a family tree in the back.) So glad you enjoyed the novel!

Message 17 - Brenda Whitney
I was so taken with Memory Keeper, after spending 37 years working with people with disabilities and being part of the deinstitutional movement. That story was just as the stories of my career and work with families of that era. Then I was equally entertained with Lake of Dreams. I just spent a year celebrating the 90th Anniversary of our local and national League of Women Voters, culminating with a celebratory night with Ellen Goodman and a brief history of the movement, which we called Dangerous Dames of Dayton! Our year included much interest in the stories and mementos of the suffragist movement. Elizabeth Cady Stanton is a distant relative in my family tree. Reading Lake of Dreams and having ECS included made this even more entertaining. Our LWV has many future plans to celebrate the suffragist history. Thanks for providing a very realistic family saga that shares those dangerous times.
23 May 2011

Kim comments   Thanks, Brenda. Getting to visit the Elizabeth Cady Stanton house was such a pleasure--walking the streets of Seneca Falls, it was easy to make the leap and imagine those visionary and courageous women.

Message 18 - Connie Oostdam
It's silly really, I just bought this book on a whim, a kind of sale. I've only read the first two chapters. I just had to say how this book is so wonderful to read already. It's written with such calm almost. It makes me feel calm as I read. It amazes me sometimes how someone can use words in such a way that reading each sentence is beautiful. Can't wait for the rest.
17 May 2011

Kim comments   Connie, many thanks--I loved writing this book, and I'm so glad you're enjoying it!

Message 19 - Kelly O'Connor
I couldn't put this book down. I actually left work early today because I had the last 4 chapters to read and I couldn't stop thinking about it! I loved this book. I grew up between Seneca Lake and Cayuga Lake and I was flooded with memories. It's more than the lake; Lucy's journey was so touching and brought out such emotion in me. Thank you for using my beloved lake as a back drop for this wonderful book.
4 May 2011

Kim comments   Many thanks, Kelly! I too was captivated by Lucy's journey--one of the pleasures of writing for me is that characters take on a life of their own as a book evolves, and lead me into the unexpected. The lakes are so beautiful, and I loved imagining myself back into that landscape, too.

Message 20 - Peggy Greene
Just finished "Lake of Dreams" & thoroughly enjoyed it.
1 May 2011

Kim comments   Thanks--I'm so delighted!

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