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Message 11 - Cary (Pasternak) Shaffer
I just finished The Lake of Dreams and thoroughly enjoyed it. I couldn't help but ponder my own family history as you unraveled Lucy's story! Your writing is beautiful and I look forward to your next project.
26 September 2011

Kim comments   Thanks, Cary--it's so nice to hear from you!

Message 12 - Trina Pottie
I am only on chapter 17 of The Lake Of Dreams and it is one of the best reads I've had this year! I loved Memory Keeper's Daughter too, so sad, but page turning! Thank you for these thought provoking stories. I love the info on the Suffragette movement as well. So fascinating. It should be required reading for all women.
24 July 2011

Kim comments   Thanks for your thoughts! I gained a much deeper appreciation for the courage and sacrifices of the Sufragists from writing The Lake of Dreams.

Message 13 - Nancy Harrison Ruda
I couldn't wait for the last day of school so I could begin reading the Lake of Dreams. I read it in two days! I sit looking out at Seneca Lake thinking of the book.I live in Watkins Glen on Seneca Lake and was captivated by the characters and setting. I have read both of your books. Thank you for sharing your dreams with us!
27 June 2011

Kim comments   My pleasure--I'm so glad you enjoyed the books!

Message 14 - Sue Ames
I couldn't put this book down once I started. I have not read "The Memory Keeper's Daughter" but do own it and will now read it. I picked this book up because it takes place in Western NY and I am from the area. I can't wait for the next book.
6 June 2011

Kim comments   So glad you enjoyed The Lake of Dreams! I loved writing it.

Message 15 - Moi Dugan
I just finished reading The Lake of Dreams in one sitting. I was so pleasantly surprised that the story took place in my neck of the woods (I'm in outside of Rochester). The mention of the white deer herd at the Depot made me promise myself to go on one of the tours this summer. Thanks for the wonderful day!
5 June 2011

Kim comments   Thanks! I love the Finger Lakes area--so beautiful. I've never seen the white deer myself, but hope to one day.

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