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Message 1 - Marianne Vincent
Hi Kim
I have just finished reading The Lake of Dreams, which I very much enjoyed. I really loved The Memory Keeper's Daughter, and I wondered if you could write something as wonderful as that again: of course you did! So thank you so much for sharing your wonderful literary talent with us out here in readerland.
Once again, thanks so much for these marvellous books: we have all enjoyed them so much!
Marianne Vincent
Thirroul NSW
23 June 2012

Kim comments   Thanks, Marianne! I'm so glad you enjoyed the books. By the way, the questions you raised were corrected in later editions.

Message 2 - Sarang
i heard you lived in Cambodia before and i was like wow because i also happen to live in Cambodia.
I love your books and thank you for writing such an awesome book
13 May 2012

Kim comments   Yes, I lived in Cambodia twice, in 1992 and in 2000. It's a beautiful country and I loved my time there. Thanks very much for your kind note!

Message 3 - Sally Page
I have read both of your novels and absolutely loved the stories and the way your write. I can't wait for your next one:)
18 February 2012

Kim comments   Thanks, Sally! I've actually just started the next novel, which is exciting, though it will probably take me a couple of years to finish. Thanks for your note--I'm so glad you enjoyed the books!

Message 4 - Annemarie Merkens,Amsterdam,Netherlands
Dear Kim,
I bought The Memory Keepers Daughter about a year ago, just in a minute when i was at Schiphol Airport(Amsterdam) to catch a flight to France, did not know you, liked the back story of the book.
I loved the story, you are one of a few writers with an exceptional style of writing it really kept me in the story and had the feeling that i was there.I read a lot , Dutch and English, thrillers, novels and historical books.
What a joy to discover a new book, again at the airport, Lake of Dreams. What a wonderful story, i have been in the Finger Lake district years ago and it reminded me of it. I was addicted to the story and every spare minute i had to read and could not wait to finish it.
So now i am really hooked to you as a writer, cannot wait till your next book is there.
Warmest regards,
Annemarie Merkens
10 February 2012

Kim comments   Thanks, Annemarie--what a beautiful message. I love writing these books, and I'm so glad you've enjoyed them. Thanks for writing to share your thoughts!

Message 5 - Gavin Tsang
Hi, Kim. I am from Hong Kong, just finished reading the Lake of Dreams in chinese version(My english is poor,lol). Thanks for your great writing and it reminds me lots of stuff in my life. I love the story and Rose's history very much. It's great that I've read this book and I 've become one of your fans.
Looking forward to your next amazing story.
2 February 2012

Kim comments   Gavin, thanks very much for your message--I am so happy to hear from a fan in Hong Kong! I visited Hong Kong several years ago and found it to be a fascinating place. I'm so glad that you enjoyed The Lake of Dreams and took the time to write to me. By the way, your English is great!

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